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Welcome, My name is P J Shepherd

As a wedding photographer, my lens is devoted to capturing the pure essence of the bride and groom on their special day. I pride myself on making them my top priority, ensuring that their love story takes center stage in every shot. My art lies in immortalizing those candid, in-between moments that unfold naturally, revealing the authentic emotions and connections shared by the couple.

With a color grading approach that embraces true-to-life tones, my images are a seamless blend of timeless elegance and contemporary allure. I strive to preserve the genuine beauty of each moment, crafting a visual narrative that stands the test of time. Let me be the storyteller behind your wedding, creating treasured memories that will be cherished for generations to come.


Package VI


Capture the Essence of Your Love with Our Special 2-Hour Wedding Package. Whether you're exchanging vows, sharing that magical first kiss, or dancing into your new life together, we're here to immortalize those moments. Choose any consecutive two hours of your special day, and I'll be there to craft beautiful memories. The 2-hour package is perfect for:

  • The heartfelt Ceremony: Say 'I do' with the ones you love around you, and we'll capture every glance, every tear, and every joyful moment.
  • Cherished Family Photos: Gather your loved ones and create lasting memories with beautiful group portraits.
  • Fun-filled Bridal Party Photos: Let your bridal party's unique personalities shine through in photos that you'll laugh over for years to come.
  • Intimate Bride + Groom Portraits: Together, just the two of you, we'll create romantic and timeless portraits that reflect your love and connection.

The 2-hour package offers the flexibility and creativity to tell your unique love story in a way that resonates with you. Let's make your wedding day unforgettable. Contact me to book this exclusive package today.


-Two Hours of Shooting

-All the best Photos

-Complimentary Timeline Creation

-Up to 40km of Travel Included



Package VII

Introducing the 4-Hour Wedding Package: A Storybook Romance Captured in Images. Your wedding day is a beautiful journey, filled with anticipation, emotion, celebration, and love. The 4-hour package is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of that journey, letting you choose any consecutive four hours to immortalize:

  • Getting Ready Bridal: The butterflies, the laughter, the final touches - we'll capture the excitement and anticipation as you prepare to walk down the aisle.
  • The Soul-Stirring Ceremony: From the nervous entrance to the joyous exit, we'll be there to preserve every emotion, every vow, every loving glance.
  • Cherished Family Photos: Bring generations together in timeless images that will be treasured for years to come.
  • Vibrant Bridal Party Photos: Celebrate with your closest friends and let their personalities shine in fun and creative photographs.
  • Romantic Bride + Groom Portraits: In the quiet moments away from the crowd, we'll create intimate and authentic portraits that reflect the depth of your connection.

With the 4-hour package, you have the flexibility to curate a collection of images that truly reflect your day, your way. Let me be part of your love story, capturing the moments you'll want to relive again and again. Reach out to me today to secure this popular package for your unforgettable day.


-Four Hours of Shooting

-All the best Photos

-Complimentary Timeline Creation

-Up to 40km of Travel Included



Package VIII


Embrace the Full Spectrum of Your Wedding Day with the Comprehensive 6-Hour Package. Your wedding is a tapestry of timeless moments, laughter, and love. With the 6-hour package, I will weave together a visual story that encapsulates your entire day, providing consecutive coverage of:

  • Getting Ready Bridal: From the sparkle of jewelry to the swirl of a veil, we'll capture the anticipation, the joy, and the intimate moments as you prepare to say 'I do.'
  • Getting Ready Groom: The tie, the cufflinks, the camaraderie with best friends - we'll be there to document the excitement and reflection as you gear up for the ceremony.
  • The Heartfelt Ceremony: Every vow, every kiss, every tear of joy - we'll preserve these precious moments that mark the beginning of your lifelong journey together.
  • Cherished Family Photos: Family is the heart of your celebration. We'll create beautiful memories that honor the love and connections that bind you all together.
  • Energetic Bridal Party Photos: From traditional poses to candid fun, we'll capture the spirit and friendship of your bridal party.
  • Romantic Bride + Groom Portraits: We'll find the perfect setting to showcase your love, crafting portraits that are as unique and beautiful as your relationship.

The 6-hour package allows the time to truly immerse myself in your wedding, capturing the essence, the emotion, and the elegance of your day. I'm here to make sure that no moment goes unnoticed, no smile goes uncaptured. Let's create something beautiful together. Contact us today to reserve this exquisite package for your special day.


-Six Hours of Shooting

-All the best Photos

-Complimentary Timeline Creation

-Up to 40km of Travel Included



Package IX

Presenting Our Premier 8-Hour Wedding Package: A Day in Love, A Lifetime in Pictures. Your wedding day is a symphony of emotions, traditions, and unforgettable moments. With our all-inclusive 8-hour package, we'll be by your side to capture the entire odyssey of love, offering consecutive coverage of:

  • Getting Ready Bridal: As you adorn yourself in beauty and anticipation, we'll document the intricate details and shared excitement that make these moments so special.
  • Getting Ready Groom: From the brotherly banter to the reflective moments, we'll capture the essence of your preparations as you get ready to meet your forever.
  • The Emotional Ceremony: Your vows, your promises, your love. We'll preserve every tear, every laugh, and every tender touch.
  • Cherished Family Photos: Generations come together to celebrate your love. We'll create lasting memories that honor the family bonds that enrich your lives.
  • Lively Bridal Party Photos: Your best friends, your confidantes, your cheerleaders. We'll capture the joy, the toasts, and the undeniable fun of your bridal party.
  • Intimate Bride + Groom Portraits: In the midst of the celebration, we'll find time for just the two of you, creating images that reflect your unique love story.
  • The Unforgettable Reception: The dance, the cake, the cheers - we'll be there to capture the joyous celebration, the shared stories, and the heartfelt toasts that fill your reception.

Our 8-hour package is more than photography; it's a commitment to tell your love story with artistry, care, and authenticity. From the morning's first blush to the evening's last dance, we're here to capture it all. Contact us to book this luxurious package and ensure that your entire wedding day is captured in the beauty and elegance it deserves.


-Eight Hours of Shooting

-All the best Photos

-Up to 40km of Travel Included




How many photos do we receive?


Indulge in the luxury of high-quality photography that leaves no moment undocumented. With my signature 2-hour package, you can expect to receive over 200 meticulously curated photos capturing the essence of your special day. Each frame is crafted with a discerning eye, ensuring that the most exquisite moments are preserved in their full glory.

As a photographer dedicated to perfection, I focus on delivering a seamless blend of candid in-between shots and striking portraits that exude elegance and authenticity. By entrusting me with your wedding photography, you're not just investing in images, but in cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Book now to secure your spot and experience the art of storytelling through breathtaking photographs. Your love story deserves nothing less than the best!

What is your turn around time for Weddings?


At this moment in time, I proudly offer a swift 2-week turnaround for delivering your cherished memories. With meticulous attention to detail, I ensure each photograph exudes timeless beauty and authenticity.

As the enchanting Summer months unfold, my dedication deepens, granting you an extraordinary 3-week window to receive your personalized collection. Your love story deserves nothing less than the utmost care and artistry.

Embrace this tailored experience, where every shot is thoughtfully crafted to reflect the essence of your special day. Trust me to capture your in-between moments and breathtaking portraits, so you can relive each moment with joy and wonder.

Book now to secure your spot and allow me to transform your love into unforgettable artistry. Let's create something magical together!

What is your colour grading style for Weddings?


Step into a world of captivating hues, where true-to-color magic intertwines with a subtle touch of warmth and happiness. My distinctive style ensures your special day is immortalized in timeless portraits that evoke emotions and memories like no other.

With a touch of enchantment and effortless elegance, I craft photographs that transport you back to the very essence of your wedding day. My intention is to curate a gallery that resonates with your heart, capturing the joy and love you shared in each frame.

Your desires are my priority. If you've spotted a specific style in my portfolio that resonates deeply with you, I'm here to bring your vision to life. Embrace the opportunity to create an album of enchanting moments that will forever be cherished.

Book now to secure your exclusive experience, where every photograph tells your unique love story. Your extraordinary journey begins with a single click. Let's weave magic together!

What is the price for a second Photographer?


With us, you'll receive the ultimate photography experience as I bring along my skilled sister, a trained second photographer, to beautifully document every moment of your special day. Her exceptional talent and passion complement my artistry seamlessly, ensuring nothing escapes our lenses.

For an unbeatable value, you gain access to her expertise at just $100 per hour. Our dynamic collaboration guarantees that no detail goes unnoticed, and your treasured memories are captured from every angle with finesse and precision.

Embrace the power of two as we weave a tapestry of your love story, immortalizing your wedding day with the grace and elegance it deserves. Book now to secure our exclusive photography package and embark on a journey of timeless memories captured with unmatched artistry.

Do you have an example Wedding Timeline?


I sure do! This is an example Timeline for an 8 Hour Wedding

12:00 Bride Starts Hair & Makeup
1:30 p.m. Photographer Arrives
2:00 p.m. Brides Hair & Makeup is complete
2:30 p.m. Put on Dress // Reveal to bridesmaids
3:00 p.m. First Look
3:15 p.m. Couples Portraits
4:00 p.m. Bridal Party Photos
4:30 p.m. Back to bridal suites, time to freshen up
5:00 p.m. Ceremony
5:30 p.m. Ceremony ends // cocktail hour starts
5:35 p.m. Formal family photos
6:30 p.m. Guests are seated
6:40 p.m. Entrances into reception
6:45 p.m. Speeches & dinner
7:30 p.m. Sunset Portraits
7:45 p.m. First dance // parent dances
8:00 p.m. Dance floor open to guests
9:30 p.m. Photographer leaves // party keeps going!

What if I don't want a First Look?


As a passionate wedding photographer, I'm a firm believer in the magic of first looks, and I have plenty of compelling reasons why it's an incredible addition to your special day. However, if you've opted for a different route, worry not! We can seamlessly shift this precious time for photos to after the ceremony.

To ensure your visual narrative is nothing short of extraordinary, I recommend setting aside approximately 1.5 hours for capturing those breathtaking bridal party and couples' photos. Additionally, allocating 30 minutes for family formals ensures we capture the heartwarming moments shared with your loved ones.

Together, we'll create a photography experience that elevates your wedding day to new heights. Let's embrace the enchantment of first looks or curate an equally mesmerizing post-ceremony photo session that beautifully tells your love story.

Book now to secure your tailored photography package and let's capture the essence of your wedding day in the most captivating way possible. Your extraordinary journey begins with us behind the lens