The Date Night Series

More than just a Photoshoot

Base Price Starts at $299, the "Dates" are extra and chosen by you.

A minimum of 2 "Dates" per session.

2-3 Hour Session
Online Gallery Delivery
1 Outfit per Date (2 Dates, 2 Outfits)
All the best photos from the session
All Tickets, Food, Drink, Entry Fee will be extra on the day so please don't forget your wallet :)

Date Ideas

Vinci's Pizza

$50 + Food + Drink Fee

Enjoy Pizza at night with your lover and end it with some hot and steamy photos in the courtyard.

Please note you will need to pay for your own Pizza + Drinks :)

A Walk in the City


Why not explore Napier City at Golden Hour? Hand in hand with a coffee, flowers and your lovers coat draped over your shoulders? We can stop in beautiful doorways for the Italian Summer Love vibe.


$50 + Entry Fee

Why not enjoy underwater creatures with linked fingers and a blue cast on your face? Taken in the main part of the aquarium and through the tunnel.

Napier Marina


What about a 1920's love, an old summers love walking along the marina and enjoying the boats as they pass. Or slipping down the boat ramp to cuddle as you feel the water kiss your toes.


$50 + Entry Fee

Why not do something a little more "Teenage Dream" and go bowling with your other half? Along with enjoying fries and a shared coke?

Ice Cream Parlor

$50 + Food and Drink fee

Why not eat your favorite flavored ice-cream with your lover in a retro booth in Napier? Perhaps share a milkshake together for that ultimate Grease Lightning love?