Painterley Portraits

Beautiful Portraits for the wall

Unique portraits for the wall. Maybe from yourself, your kids, together with your husband, with your newborn baby… anything is possible.  You will look back on these photos for a lifetime. With a nod to the old masters and a hint to our present time. Read more below.

For you or someone else...

A True Work of Art

If you want:

+ Something unique...
+ Quality over quantity...
+ You have a heart for the old masters and historical art...
+ Working with a photographer who advises you in clothing and helps you with poses...
+ Not a quick bite, but something really special for on the wall...
+ A true work of art by yourself or/and your loved ones...

Then maybe this is for you!

At the end of this shoot

You will Have had a wonderful day where it was all about you + a unique experience behind it + beautiful pictures to sort out + you can choose from images that will last a lifetime + portraits worth hanging on the wall + more self-confidence

Painterly Portraits

unique portraits for your wall

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Photoshoot + Prints



During the consultation we will discuss your wishes together. I listen to and give advice. Based on this conversation I will design a mood board, I will give advice about clothing and we can set a date.


During the photo shoot I take the time for you. I'll make you feel comfortable. And don't worry, you really don't have to be a professional model to pose well. I will help you extensively with that.

High End Editing

After the shoot I get to work with a selection of photos. I edit this in my Painterly Portrait style. This is a high-quality fine art processing where your images can be next to the old masters.

Pricing & Packages

Painterly Portrait 01.

-One Hour Session
-Phone Consultation
-One Person (Extras $50pp)
-Access to Client Wardrobe
-Studio Hireage Fee Included ($50 Duart House)
-Session only, no photos are included in this package and will need to be purchased separately for $50ea


Painterly Portrait 02.

-Digital Delivery
-One Hour Session
-Phone Consultation
-One Person (Extras $50pp)
-Access to Client Wardrobe
-Up to Ten Portraits Chosen by You
-Studio Hireage Fee Included ($50 Duart House)
-Skin Retouching + Professional Painterly Editing



01. Where will the shoot take place?

Your session will take place in Duart House, Havelock North. It's an old Historic Home based in the heart of Hawkes Bay.

02. Can Someone else be in the Session?

Yes of course! It's only $50 per extra person (this is to cover the cost of editing)

03. Will you help me with Posing?

100% this is one of the big reasons to hire someone that knows what they're doing because we will lead you through gracefully and gently.

04. Do I receive the Photos Digitally?

Yes, you will receive a low resolution file. This way you can share it with your friends and on social media.

05. Can I purchase the High Res File?

Because this kind of session is different than the others in terms of how it's conducted along with the set up and everything involved, the intention of this session is to make it look and feel like a piece of art, or rather something that belongs in a Museum. Harvey Norman is an accessible and cheaper option to have your photos printed, while this is great for lifestyle photos it loses that quality and colour. Which is why I will not be releasing High Quality Resolution Files. Your Gallery will be connected to a Boutique Printing Store based in Australia where you will be able to purchase Fine Art Prints. The High Resolution Files will be available here.

51 Duart Road, Havelock North 4130

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