Mokokauae Documentaries

Let's work together!

So you're ready to document your big day! Great! I'd love to know all the details you're able to give me like locations, times, dates and important things to note. I am also happy to travel too! So if you want to travel back home I'm more than happy to follow along.


How long does it take to receive my Photos/Video?

My wait time is 2 weeks from the date of the session for Photography. Videography is different and can take up to 3-4 weeks purely for the fact that there are so many elements to pull from.

Do you provide Sneak Peeks?

100% In the first 24 hours you will receive some lovely sneaky peekies of your big day. I know the excitement will still be fresh so I'd love to add to that excitment.

Do you travel?

I sure do! I know the cost of gas is killing us right now so I'll only charge what I know my car needs.

Are you Maori?

I sure am! My name is Parehuia and I whakapapa to Te Arawa. I am also the mokopuna of Moewaka Hinepare, if you know her then we're basically whanau. Hey aunty *waves*

What if I don't want anything of mine to be shared?

Then I respect your wishes without any question. I understand the sacred nature of receiving your kauae. Just let me know you'd prefer to keep your gallery private and I will do just that.

Your Full Package seems cheaper than it should be...

That is because I am splitting my skillset into two different genres of documentation. Which often means if I capture a special moment on film, you've missed it in a photo and visa versa. Preferably I'd love to do one or the other and JUST be a Photographer or Videographer for your day because then you're guaranteed me capturing all those moments.