Why Hire a Hot Desk?

Need a space to work? Is busy season creeping up on you and your procrastination? Why not join the P J Shepherd Studio and hire a monthly hot desk where you can get your work finished! With only 6 spaces available to hire, you can be sure that you will have a place to dedicate an hour or even a day of work to.

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Places to Work From:
1. Shared 6 Person Table
2. Seated Floor Workstation fitted with a soft rug, poofs, cushions, throws + a coffee table.

Come in for a viewing and an hours test to see how you like the space. Don't forget to bring along your headphones for those extra yummy hyperfocus moments!

The Studio is right across the road from Vinci's Pizza and Hapi Cafe for your lunch break. Otherwise we are situated one block from the beautiful Marine Parade if you need to stretch your legs.

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Pricing Packages



- 9:00am to 5:00pm Access
- 6 Spots Available
- Toilets Available
- Kitchen Upstairs
- Kettle, Toaster, Coffee, Tea, Sugar + Milk Available in the Studio
-Perfect for Busy Season Photographers who need to get work done!


Are there power outlets?

Yes! I have many scattered around the room! However an extension cord and a four plug never hurt anyone and I can drag it to the table if needed.

Can I play music?

Of course! Just through your own headphones to ensure that our other Photographers can also do their mahi.

Can I eat and drink in the Studio?

Yes of course! Just keep everything on the table where it easy to clean up afterwards. This is a really relaxed atmosphere, I'm super relaxed.

Will there be photoshoots during 9-5?

I will try to halt my photoshoots till after 5pm to ensure that my lovely hierers are able to come in undisturbed. If I cannot shift the session because of a clients request I will contact everyone letting them know the times of the Photoshoot Sessions. Because of this I have kept the cost quite low.