My name is Parehuia Jeana Abbott-Shepherd

I reside in the sunny Hawkes Bay where I plan to build my forever home. I began my photography journey after finishing my third book in the Where Creatures Hide Series, my idea was that I could create movie looking portraits inspired by my fourth book to promote its release. It's been a few years and I haven't finished that book but I have started a successful photography business so you win some-you lose some. I never imagined myself as a photographer but it was a yummy surprise none the less.

Along with my Photography and Author journey I also expanded into Past Life Hypnosis and am a Certified Hypnotist - though I barely offer sessions any more because my business has taken over and for that I'm extremely grateful.

Okay, enough about the things I do it's beginning to sound like a resume now hehe - Some of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time is watching Bobs Burgers, American Dad and Family Guy especially when I'm eating. Speaking of eating I also enjoy cooking, not so much baking though...I attempted a healthy version of bread one day and after it cooled it was strong enough to be a's a story.

So what about my childhood? We might as while tackle that while we're here. As a child my family and I moved a lot so I was often the new girl a few times a year. This led to me being over being the new girl and dropping out at 16 - that same day I went skydiving so you can say I really took a leap of faith. As a child I always had big dreams for myself even if I didn't know how to get there I just knew I would get there. One of those dreams was to be my own boss and I'm happy to say to younger me that we made that happen. After skydiving reality kicked in and I got a job at McDonalds and stayed there for 5 years. Not the most glamorous and for sure mentally abusive but I did learn a few things from there like how to multitask, how to talk to people and how to keep a level head while chaos ensues. In the end I walked out the front door - I told no one and said 'bon voyage' as I drove home.

Writing all of that makes me seem like a rebel but let me tell you right now, I am no rebel, I am terrified of getting in trouble. But that's what happens when you realise your worth and time and patience isn't worth it.

So why bother writing all this? Well because this is a hidden page only accessible if you click on the button you clicked on to get here - so I might as well entertain you while you're scrolling through all the things.


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