I am a 27 year old, self taught Photographer, QHHT Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist and Fantasy Author from Hawkes Bay, where I plan to make my forever home.

I am indigenous māori and the granddaughter of Moewaka Hinepare. I began my photography journey after publishing three books in my Where Creatures Hide Series and am now running a full time successful Photography business. I love anything cottagecore and dream of sitting on the front porch of a home I own, watching the sun rise on a beautiful misty morning, while drinking a hot cup of tea.

I am a Pisces, so naturally creative and spiritual, only ever emotional when I listen to a beautiful piece of music like "The Blue Planet" and "Surfing Dolphins"

In 2018 I was a Guest Speaker for a Principal Conference in Hawkes Bay along with a Creative Writing Tutor for children in Irongate, Flaxmere Primary and Kimi Ora School.