How do your payment plans work?

Easy peasy! You choose the package you would like along with a preferred date and I'll calculate the amount of weeks from the day of enquiry to the day of our session. Then I'll take two weeks off and calculate the amount into the weeks left. Example you want a shoot in 19 weeks and a $749 Package. That would be 17 payments (starting the week after enquiry) and ending a week before our session of $44.06.

I don't know how to pose! Help!

Which is the exact reason why you're hiring a professional photographer! That is my job NOT your job. While you can take control if you know what you want, know I'm there to lead you through your entire session with ease.

I don't know what to wear!

That's why I have two style guides ready to go for you! I have my own aesthetic and style (which is probably the reason you're hiring me) so dressing yourself is easy peasy! Feel free to send me photos too! Don't be shy I love helping :)

How would you describe your style?

Freedom filled, soft, warm + cozy, vintage and good feeling for sure! I love to focus more on the feeling of coziness and bring that to life with the locations I choose along with the colours I edit with.

What kind of Photography do you do?

Couples, Weddings, Engagements, Elopements, Portraits, Maternity, Families, Events, Real Estate, Airbnb's, Fine Art Portraits, Māori Portraits :) I hope that helps.

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