In these times it's extremely difficult to know when COVID-19 will hit you or your whanau. As a business I have come up with a few safeguards for you and I so here are a few things you should know before booking with me.

Terms + Conditions

What happens if we get COVID-19?


Then we reschedule to a new date. You also will not be charged a rescheduling fee, this is a force of nature and not something we can predict.

Can we receive a refund?


Unfortunately I'm not offering refunds for COVID-19 clients and only rescheduling + store credit. There is no expiry date on when you need to book in.

What if we're not from Hawkes Bay?


If our original session is somewhere I WAS or DID travel then we will book it for another time I come to that specific place - please keep in mind I will already have a date chosen and times may differ.

Can we use Store Credit for something else?


It is no secret I offer many different things like Education, Presets, Mentoring Sessions and more! If you see something you'd love to have instead of a session let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.

We've had to cancel our Wedding because of COVID-19


This sucks! I'm so sorry! Again I'm more than happy to offer a new date when you know what that is without a rescheduling fee. If however I am not available then I will offer a full refund.