Want to live out your Harry Potter dreams? Or perhaps know anyone who loves Harry Potter? Gift them their own Patronus Session today!


One Photo and One Patronus

Couples and Families welcome!


Where will the session take place?

In my room :) I am currently doing this for fun and don't own my own studio. At least not in this economy anyway hehe

Can me and my partner do it?

For sure! I have a base price of $100pp that is to cover the Photography side of things because you will be taking the photo seperate from each other and the editing side :)

How long does it take to deliver the photo?

Normally a week to a few days. I did mine within a day because my schedule was empty so it could even be a day!

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes I do! If you would like to gift someone their own session that is 100% something I'm able to offer you. I don't have a Harry Potter specific voucher and only my main ones. Should this pick up more traction I will be looking at investing into Patronus Themed Gift Cards :)