November 4th 2023

$200pp | 6:30pm-12:00am

Cheval Room, Hawkes Bay Racecourse 300 Prospect Road, Hastings

Capturing Memories

Attend the ball

Romantic, Whimsical, Royal

You are cordially invited to the Aurora Ball taking place on November 4th 2023. A Ball for the daydreamers, the children at heart, the lovers and the weary hearts. This Ball is a homage to 1800's Balls and all those that came before and after. With beautiful dresses and handsome coats billowing around the dancefloor. So put your best foot forward and dress to the occasion. Ticket prices are Per Person.

Makeup + Hair

To even better the experience of the Aurora Ball, I have asked a few of my favorite hair stylists and makeup artists to join me in my Studio for a day of Makeup and Hair. Book down below by clicking on the link, it'll take you to their applicable pages where you will be able to book.


What is Included?

Tickets are $200pp which include a meal, free dance classes, entertainment and a spectacular night of dancing, music, It also includes a photobooth and a surprise show.

Is there an Age Requirement?

Yes, this is an 18+ event as there will be alcohol present. Also this is a time for the adults to be swept up in magic and enjoy a few hours without their babies.

Any other things to note?

[ ] The aim is to be able to dance, so choose a dress length that will allow you to do so.
[ ] Some expensive and high quality dresses take around 4 months to be made and shipped to you, please order early on so you have your dress on time
[ ] Choose shoes that will allow you to dance, perhaps come to dance class in heels to practise in them if that is what you’re planning on wearing footwear wise.

What should I wear?

Imagine the most perfect Princess Dress imaginable. Let your inner child in and go off of that. Gloves, tiara's and cloaks are fully welcome! Let your imagination go wild! Here are a few of my favorite stores for Princess Dresses. If you order from any of these sights please leave 4 months to receive it, or check with the brand about delivery times.

Is Alcohol Included?

This is the only thing that wasn't included (not by personal choice but by venue) though there will be drinks available to purchase on site so please bring your wallet and I.D